Collapse – Official Trailer

Collapse – Official Trailer

Been reading and learning from Michael Ruppert for years.

Check him out reaching the mainstream in this Wall Street Journal interview,

“Money is useless without energy and money has no respect for power or ideology. We have to reconnect with the requirements that we’re living on a planet that’s falling apart. And we have to maintain some relationship that’s separate from the illusory power of money. Clearly, the power in this country is not in Washington, it’s in New York, with the Fed and with Wall Street. . . . Until you change the way money works, you change nothing. The current economic paradigm calls for infinite growth, from fractional reserve banking to compact interest. So Wall Street needs to somehow help us find an economy that works without requiring more and more consumption” (“Sounding an Alarm on Oil,” Nov. 4).

Nice write up here on it…


  1. Author
    ptsp 8 years ago

    So serious is this problem that some are inclined to see it in apocalyptic terms: Jim Rogers, a renowned investor, has predicted that the demise of the North Sea will send the pound crashing downwards, taking the UK into banana-republic territory. It is not hard to see what he means. This year, the Government’s revenues from oil will almost halve, partly due to lower oil prices, partly to the inexorable decline in activity as old fields become exhausted.

  2. d-nut 8 years ago

    damn.. missed it tonight man. but i will try and check it this weekend. you’ll probably have already have gotten a hold of it.

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