Offline time

Offline time

Sorry for the site being offline for 3 days, and the current lack of photos (None of the last months code updates are there either). I host this website with media Temple and it seems their servers crashed. Not only that but it has taken them 3 days and counting to get this site back up properly….. In the 10 years I have been doing websites I have never seen a host £*ck up so badly. Hopefully they should have it working properly soon. They offered a years free hosting to make amends so  will see how it goes. If there is another crash like this I am switching for sure…Might well switch anyway in a few months as in general since I started using them I have had nothing but problems.



  1. steve 9 years ago

    We had the same problems. Daily downtimes. Lack of performance. They should work on their performance instead of spending so much money on marketing.

  2. marco 9 years ago

    come to my server ;)
    are you in for a ride tomoz?

    • Author
      ptsp 9 years ago

      Might switch to dreamhost as I already have an account there. You have your own hosting company too? You down here this weekend? Im off to Italy tonight..

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