Nearly two thirds of the continental USA gets a white Christmas

Nearly two thirds of the continental USA gets a white Christmas

Flying up and down to Hamburg this week, there was cloud cover for almost the entire journey, with the occasional small window down to a frozen snowy Europe below. In the United States, at the same time, there was cloud cover from Canada all of the way down to Texas. Pretty heavy winter so far.

Let’s say just for arguments sake that global warming was a problem (it’s not), and let’s say that it was somehow possible, through the reduction of co2 (despite co2 levels FOLLOWING climate, and being essential to life) to stop the climate from warming, then what would happen if the earth started cooling? (it has already been cooling for 9 years). Would they then try and extract another few trillion from people to warm it up again? The whole politically motivated global warming debate is ludicrous, and many, many good people have been taken for a ride.

I don’t know if this is a record or not for Christmas coverage, but it is certainly reminiscent of the winter of 1977-78 where we had similar bouts of cold and snow. About 99% of Canada has snow cover also, with some parts of the Pacific Coast excepted, and it appears that all of Canada’s Lakes are frozen as indicated by the “yellow ice” in the photo.

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