Lunchtime skate 2

Lunchtime skate 2

It’s warm and sunny right now in Austria, the snow at the top of the mountains has all but gone again, but it is due to get cold and rainy/snowy this week, so we took advantage of the weather and went for a session at the park next door for lunch.
On a side note, I love this westbeach hoody I got. Unlike my other hoodies it is real long which is much better suited for skating and boarding as it doesnt ride up.


  1. Andy 9 years ago

    You’ll be pleased to hear it’s absolutely pissing it down in London, and no snow forecast for the forseeable future :(

    Thanks for the stickers!

  2. Author
    ptsp 9 years ago

    That sucks, so glad not to live in London anymore! Send your CV to Kiska man. No prob for the stickers. Tag some cool shit in London with some and send me some pics! If you run out we will send you some more.

  3. Henry 9 years ago

    Fuck, is that Tony Hawk at your local skate park?

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