Greece is burning

Greece is burning

There have been the odd pieces in the press about the riots and protests in Greece over the past weeks after the cops shot a 15 year old kid, but most of it has been hidden from the world. I emailed my old friend L.A. in Athens to see if she was ok and this is what she wrote back:

It is like war here. Out of control. I am with the anarchists of course. This government is totally useless. Last night was unbelievable. The whole country was on fire.
The media here is trying to cover up 99% of what is happening. But nothing has changed since the 6th of December; everyone is out protesting and fighting. On Tuesday night another 15 year old was shot, fortunately on his hand. It was really dark and it was just luck that he was not killed. You can image what would have happened if he had died too. Things are mad. I don’t know what is going to happen. Everyone has rejected the traditional media. Everyone is informed through the internet and by just… walking around the city. It is unbelievable. You walk to your house and you see things and then you turn on the TV and you hear and see a different story. It makes you question everything that you have believed all these years. Total chaos. Kyveli (her young daughter) had an allergic shock from the chemicals that the police use. We were in the hospital all day on Wednesday. They are illegal to use but the use them anyway everyday since the 6th. They have used over 4 tones!!! They actually run out and they have ordered more from Israel!!



This is funny. I translate:
‘You are sitting quietly enjoying your coffee in the centre of Athens … Suddenly you are being attacked by the police!!! What do you do? Simple.. Use your table!!

Κάθεστε ήσυχα-ήσυχα στο κέντρο της Αθήνας και πίνετε το καφεδάκι σας… Ξαφνικά, πλακώνουν από τη μία οι ΜΑΤατζήδες !!! Τι κάνετε ;; Απλό, σηκώνετε το τραπεζάκι !!!!!


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