Gil Scott-Heron – RIP

Gil Scott-Heron – RIP

Years ago when I was around 18 or so, I remember going to the Camden Jazz cafe with some friends to watch Gil Scott-Heron play. We got kind of drunk standing at the front with our smuggled in bottle of vodka and as the show was absolutely amazing, my friend Dieter and I went up to him afterwards to say hi, thank you and to shake the man’s hand. I think he was as wasted as we were but he was cool and thanked us. At one point during the show he played the start of a song and Dieter went ‘Yea!’ and he stopped playing and said what song is this, and dieter said the wrong song. hahaha, was pretty funny.  RIP Dude.

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  1. haha!
    that made me laugh, great story

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