On Dec. 13th, Earth passed through a stream of debris from extinct comet 3200 Phaethon. The encounter produced a surge of more than 160 Geminid meteors per hour.


815 new snowfall records, 304 low temperature, and 403 lowest max temperature records were set this week in the USA.

And they want us to pay how many billions (trillions?) to stop warming? What warming are they talking about exactly? How was that money going to be able to control the climate again? Personally, I like the cold (for half the year) because it makes the snow better, but overall, I imagine most people would be happier to have a little warming rather than extensive cooling (not that we control the climate either way, anyway).

Including those freezing their asses off in copenhagen. brrrrr.

The cold winner however is in Edmonton Canada, where they beat their old record by 10 degrees and recorded a frigid -46.1 C, or -58.4 C with wind chill. The old record of -36.1 C was set last year.

Maybe we should start a -273 Award for all the places which beat their previous cold records (modern times only).

One last point, If any of these record cold temps are at urban sites, then the natural variability has been enough to overcome forty years of Urban Heat Island effect (which a 6th grader here demonstrates has lead to temperature rises in the cities, whilst the rural areas nearby had no temperature rise).

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    ptsp 8 years ago

    So we now have the following possible causes for what might be an increase of 1 Deg. F globally over the last century:
    – Soot
    – CO2
    – Methane
    – NO2
    – SO2
    – Ozone
    – Halocarbons
    – Volatile organics
    – Water vapor/clouds
    – Regional land use changes near thermometers
    – Solar variations/sunspots
    – Urban Heat Island effect
    – AMO
    – PDO
    – El Nino
    – Recovery from the LIA
    – Milankovitch Cycles
    – Solar System planetary orbital variations
    – Cosmic rays
    – Volcanic activity
    – Permafrost/peat
    – Clathrates
    – Leaking natural gas transmission lines
    – Deforestation
    – Poor temperature records
    – Data fudging, manipulation or fabrication
    – Lousy temperature data management
    – Poor AGW theory
    – Faulty computer models

    – Everything else we dont know

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