Derestricted Lobster 002

Derestricted Lobster 002

Ok, here’s the Derestricted Lobster again, triep to incorporate the wishbone/shockabsorber legs that I mentioned before, gave it a air inlet on top as well and thought that maybe there should be a helmet popping up in front of the air duct? Like a tiny human driver sitting inside the lobster vehicle (or a ridiculously big lobster with a normal sized human…)! m.

Please feedback!

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    admin 9 years ago

    daaam, thats really cool man! I love the middle part of it with all the panels, and the legs look fast too. Also the middle airduct is great! Maybe the legs could have another part to them, like another hinge where they end now and then a small bit with some sort of traction pads on? I guess the number could be -273 too!good job though man! Maybe the goggles could be a little bigger/more intergrated without the strap too? or not. Shit, it’s making me want to model it in 3d, althought I love the render style too.

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