Derestricted Lobster 001

Derestricted Lobster 001

Here’s the first post-it draft for the Derestricted Lobster that I promised to do waaay back in spring for Piers. Figured I’ll post it here so you can follow the process to the finished product? This particular lobster featuers racing goggles, body painted racing number, bad ass exhaust pipes and a bad ass rear wing. And a blue background…  /m.

Please feedback!


  1. ptsp 9 years ago

    :) Im in Tenerife for a week, getting tumbledried trying to surf. Maaan, it´s hard work! Thanks for the LOBSTER!

  2. mp 9 years ago

    This is only the first step, when you’re back we have to talk about what to do next. Good luck with the surfing mate!

  3. Henry 9 years ago

    He isn’t going anywhere without some wheels!!! ;)

  4. ptsp 9 years ago

    yea I guess wheels or longer more techy legs to get more speed.

  5. mp 9 years ago

    Hmm, you want wheels eh? it’ll be tricky cause I don’t want to make a lobster-dragster out of him, but maybe just a set of rear wheels?

  6. ptsp 9 years ago

    Yea, or maybe just more technical legs rather than wheels, so he still looks like a lobster…

  7. ptsp 9 years ago

    How about a sequence, from normal lobster to derestricted lobster in like 3 or 4 steps? Could be cool.

  8. mp 9 years ago

    I was just making a lobster doodle, I figured that wishbone-like legs with shockabsorbers would be sweet, can’t make it work with tires, looks weird. but the sequense thing is cool, i’ll make a powerpoint… ;)

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