Constraints vs. Restraints

Constraints vs. Restraints

After a comment I left on the americanenergycrisis blog, the Wall Street veteran / investment firm CEO / hedge fund manager who runs it asked me to write a guest post. This was the comment I left in regards to his post about Wallstreet and the government not telling the whole truth:

It struck me this morning that it  is perhaps due to Constraints vs Restraints.
If they admit to the restraint of the impossibility of continued growth in a closed system, they admit there can be no more business as usual, and that the only option is to downsize everything. Instead they focus on constraints which allow them to prescribe remedies and keep up appearances and appear to be in control of things.
However by admitting to their inability to control forces bigger than themselves, they would help a transition into a more sustainable future and help people to take control of their own affairs.
Highly unlikely though as in would also hand over control and power into peoples hands and out of the governments.

As anyone who checks this site regularly knows, I am more into photos and graphics than writing, but after initially declining his request I gave it some though and ended up writing a piece for him. You can read it here…


  1. Author
    ptsp 9 years ago

    heyy piers howzit going? hope everything is going fine, im really looking forward to coming to salzburg in may-even though it already cost some of your friends bones, i ready to risk some of mines – and wanna go biking haha !(i hope though its just gonna be my little toe). just saw a nice film in english and i thought that maybe you like to watch it even though i guess you have already read and seen a lot about it and i guess that its nothing new to you, but i always like to see stuff from different persons-claro. ithink that we all always new about the problem of infinite growth, but as we start to not beeing able to ignore the consequences of it anymore, things get interesting. bueno, pasalobien mate, see ya en may ciao paul moek

  2. Author
    ptsp 9 years ago

    Hi Paul, Great VIDs. It does seem many people are starting to wake up to what is facing us.

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