Blood on their hands

Blood on their hands

Lies. Lies and more lies. The truth is out. What struck me this week, was that almost all of the defining issues of this very recent age, have now (in the last week) been clearly and empirically exposed as being based on Lies in order to accomplish agendas. I wont go very far into the implications, evidence, and reasons for the lies, but they are now all there for the world to see (if you so wish). To be honest, they were there and obvious before to those skeptical enough to question what they were being fed.

Firstly: Global warming.
Clearly manipulated historical data emerged this week and an agenda which has been followed by a select group of highly funded scientists in order for the governments to collect more taxes and maintain competitive advantage over developing nations. (See previous post)

Secondly: The Iraq war.
Many different reasons were presented for going to war, which were one after the other changed as the previous reason was shown to be a lie. Tony Blair inquiry shows the extent of this as seen this week. (the war also exposes the seriousness of the issue of energy security)

Thirdly: A strong dollar policy (The decline of the dollar)
I believe deeply that it’s very important for the U.S. and the economic health of the U.S. that we maintain a strong dollar – Tim Geithner.
This is clearly a blatant lie, printing money out of thin air certainly never strengthened any Fiat currency. The US debt level is so high, even the interest payments are reaching unpayable levels. The only available options are default or devalue. See several posts down for the dollar index chart.

So, I ask myself, how are these people getting away with it? These are not theories, the empirical evidence is there! How can anyone believe a word those in power say? These are not some minor issues, they are THE issues. These people should be thrown in jail, or as my French friend says, Guillotined in order to be made examples of. It sounds harsh, but hundreds of thousands have died as a result of these lies. Nothing less will be enough to make the point that people are sick and tired of being lied to and manipulated.

Of course we cant see the negative effects which might have happened as a result of those in power telling the truth, but that is a discussion for  another day.

Part of me just thinks ‘whatever’ to this. What can you really do? But these are not inconsequential lies being told. I would rather be aware of them than not, but I am also starting to agree more and more with the Epicurean view of things and how to deal with them.


  1. Author
    ptsp 8 years ago

    We love the tangible, the confirmation, the palpable, the real, the visible, the concrete, the known, the seen, the vivid, the visual, the social, the embedded, the emotional laden, the salient, the stereotypical, the moving, the theatrical, the romanced, the cosmetic, the official, the scholarly-sounding verbiage (b******t), the pompous Gaussian economist, the mathematicized crap, the pomp, the Academie Française, Harvard Business School, the Nobel Prize, dark business suits with white shirts and Ferragamo ties, the moving discourse, and the lurid. Most of all we favor the narrated.

    Alas, we are not manufactured, in our current edition of the human race, to understand abstract matters — we need context. Randomness and uncertainty are abstractions. We respect what has happened, ignoring what could have happened. In other words, we are naturally shallow and superficial — and we do not know it. This is not a psychological problem; it comes from the main property of information. The dark side of the moon is harder to see; beaming light on it costs energy. In the same way, beaming light on the unseen is costly in both computational and mental effort.
    – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

  2. marco 8 years ago

    i guess the times where people were talking about conspiracy “theory” is over as we are facing evidence for conspiracy and manmade destruction as a result of human greed as the biggest threat to our ecosystem.

    by the way big up to your writing, at least some people will get the bigger picture on some topics like this.

  3. Author
    ptsp 8 years ago

    thanks for taking the time to read it and make a comment.

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