Alpha strategy

Alpha strategy

Frankly, dear public, you are being robbed. This may be put crudely but at least it is clear.
—Frederic Bastiat, Economic Sophisms

Individuals rarely invest significant amounts of time analyzing economics because they assume they are too ignorant to understand it. Besides, we are constantly promised that tomorrow someone in power, some brilliant leader, will stop inflation and recession. Tomorrow the government will bring us back to prosperity. Our jobs will be secure. Our savings will be secure. Life will be secure.

You are involved in an exceedingly sophisticated con game in which you are the unwitting and almost helpless victim. You are the target of the greatest sting in the history of mankind—a sting that makes all other con games in history look amateurish. The take is big—hundreds of billions of dollars every year— and most of it comes from hardworking, trusting, middle-class citizens just like you. To give you an idea of the magnitude of your loss, you are being steadily fleeced of over half of everything you earn and, in the long run, of the majority of everything you save.

Every sting, to be effective, depends on two elements. First, it depends on the greed of the victim. Second, it must be clever enough to defy detection. You are going to be surprised at how the sting works. Moreover, you will be shocked to find out who it is that is ripping you off. The culprits are people you would least suspect—these clever manipulators have even convinced you to participate in your own demise.

This book explains the monetary system and the tricks of the manipulators in terms you can understand. Read the following chapters carefully and they can be your key to financial survival.

Download the .pdf of ‘The Alpha Strategy’ here, free.

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    admin 7 years ago

    Interesting excerpt in regards to oil prices (10 dollars a barrel in 1980), especially as oil is 108 dollars today. There is really no choice but to print more money as fast as possible or the global economy will suffocate due to so much money flowing into oil and therefore out of everything else :

    United States has been importing a billion barrels of oil each year and has been paying $10 per barrel. Suddenly OPEC decides to
    raise the price of oil and we must now pay twice as much for the same amount. If we spent $10 billion last year and this year the oil costs $20 billion, we are left with $10 billion less to spend on other things. Having less money, we will have to rethink what the remaining money will be spent for. We cannot buy the same
    things as we did a year ago. Once we have given OPEC the extra $10 billion, those products that we would have bought with that money will remain on the shelves, unsold. Of course, OPEC has the $10 billion but will probably not choose to spend it on those items we would have bought.
    The reason that it appears that the price level has increased when the oil price rises is that the producers of those unsold goods do not lower their prices immediately. They sit there with the unsold goods, hoping that their customers will return. It is called a business recession. The only way the goods can be moved, however, is if one of two things happens: either they lower their prices until they reach the point that there is enough money in circulation to buy them or they wait until $10 billion dollars is created to replace the money paid to OPEC.

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