What problem?!

What problem?!

Climate problem, what problem? Jokers!

Millions of hysterical people, expensive ads paid for with taxpayer money which make children cry and billions on the line to fix a non problem, which even if it was a problem we could do nothing about. Warmer times in the past have always benefited mankind, nothing to worry about. Slightly more trouble ahead if the world continues cooling like it has for the last 8 years, but thats another issue. So what is it all about then? Peak oil mitigation plan? Blatant scam? Consolidation of power? Mass stupidity/hysteria? Short sightedness? Mix of all of the above? Something else? Really I dont know, but I do know the whole thing is completely ridiculous. The EPA just classified CO2 as a danger to public health for goodness sake! CO2, One of the building blocks of life, needed by plants to make oxygen, exhaled from YOUR body, every time you breath out, is now deemed a toxic chemical. Sounds to me like those making these kinds of laws are the problem. Do they realise, they also breathe out CO2?

Few more graphs I have come across to show you the bigger picture:





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