Michelin pilot

Michelin pilot

Back in the day when I used to skate a lot, there was nothing as good as getting a new board. The feel of the clean tacky grip tape under my feet, the smooth pop of the new wood. Times have changed as has my mode of transport, but the feeling of some new rubber on my duke is every bit as sweet. I was never really into the old race focused super corsa pros the duke came with, they just took way too long to get warm and you had to push pretty hard to keep the temperature up. After only a short drive home the michelins already felt much better so where once i would have popped an Oli i couldn’t resist popping a nice long wheelie instead and ended up with a stern finger wag from a bus driver in return.



  1. hotballs 7 years ago

    some say, if you multiply clean visor happiness by a factor of 10, that is equal to fresh tyre happiness!

    • Author
      ptsp 7 years ago

      Haha yea a clean visor is great too.

  2. Marakas 7 years ago

    which tires are those exactly? Michelin pilot power, michelin pilot power 2CT,… Just wondering.

    • admin 7 years ago

      Hi Marakas, They are the Michelin pilot power, not the 2c version.

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