Lunch skate SBZ

Lunch skate SBZ

It’s been close to 14 years since I skated with any regularity, but when I do get out nowadays I still enjoy it a lot.

This is at a skatepark close to my work with a nice rail you can hit. Getting in some practice ready for when my son gets a board in a couple of years. Actually, I kind of bought this board on the weekend for him, so probably shouldn’t trash it too much : )

There is a half-pipe here at another park a couple of km from work which is absolutely massive. I cant believe there are many people around good enough to skate it properly. Would have been much better off building a decent miniramp. But anyway, it’s fun to ride, even if getting above the vert is just not going to happen.

Benny heading for a 50-50

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  1. koskesh 8 years ago

    …not exactly the birth of big air, but lookin good mini…

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