Leogang lightning and crashing sucks

Leogang lightning and crashing sucks

I didn’t crash mountain biking for as long as I have lived here in Salzburg, and today, in two runs, I crashed twice!

I hate crashing. It puts the fear of the gods into you and it bloody hurts. I guess I came off ok considering. Just got a really sore leg/ankle/foot and torn up forearms. The first time I came up short on a big double, and both my feet flew off the pedals. I flew over the next double which was directly after it, with no feet on the pedals, careened off the side of the track, dropped about 2 meters to another path below, and if that wasn’t bad enough, I then got brought to a standstill finally by an electric cattle fence which i got stuck under and which proceeded to to give me mad electric shocks! Ouch!

haha. Shit.

Got to get straight back on the horse and all that, but on the next run I lost grip in both tires simultaneously and hit the ground again tearing up my thigh and the other forearm! Bloody hell! Was more my pride dented that time though, and shortly after a massive lightening/thunder/hail storm rolled in and they stopped the lift. Was just in time I guess, as when the adrenaline wore off I could hardly put any weight on my left leg. Still, nothing broken and it was a pretty fun day anyway riding with some good friends!

Henry up at the top of his 2nd bike park!

will need a few more years until he gets as excited as me.

Crazy Hail storm came on.

Really hurt to be hit by it, everyone was diving for cover.

Craig getting a last wallride in as the storm starting hitting..


  1. Ma 8 years ago

    Ouch…dont you think it is time to calm down a bit now that you are supposed to be a responsible dad, how about if you HAD broken something and something serious at that. You worry about the state of the world, worry about looking after yourself..pl..EASE LOVE YOU x

  2. L... 8 years ago

    I think we all know he’d be bored if he wasnt getting his adrenalin shot from something fast…
    That first shot is pretty sweet but surely heavily PS’ed?

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