Leogang Bikepark

Leogang Bikepark

Benny and I went and hit up leogang Bikepark on Saturday which is about an hour from Salzburg. There is a bubble lift which you can either take to the top of the park or all the way to the very top of the mountain. We always took it all the way up, as you then have about 1000 vertical meteres of fullspeed downhill either on grass like a golf course or on a winding gravel track, before you arrive at the entrance to the park. Super fun racing each other and sliding around the corners.


The park has some pretty big drops all the way down, with the biggest at the bottom. Benny catching some air off the last drop.

There are loads of nice wallrides all the way down.

Once you know the track you can keep your speed and clear all the doubles and drops. I need a few more runs until I get all of them dialed.

As cool as the park is I love bombing it down here! Mad speed!

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