Le Mans 2009

Le Mans 2009

Few pics from PJ



Stephane Ortelli repping -273







Andre lotterer

FKM leading the field into turn one

My friend Benoit Treluyer had a massive crash. This is what’s left of his car! From what I hear he is shaken but ok.
Get well soon dude.




  1. MKSIM 9 years ago

    Yes, big crash for Tréluyer, the car was cut in 2. I really hope is fine, no news on web.

    This post is dope man ;)

  2. HH 9 years ago


    We have an addiction to fossil fuels, and it’s not sustainable. The developed world gets 80% of its energy from fossil fuels; Britain, 90%. And this is unsustainable for three reasons. First, easily-accessible fossil fuels will at some point run out, so we’ll eventually have to get our energy from someplace else. Second, burning fossil fuels is having a measurable and very-probably dangerous effect on the climate. Avoiding dangerous climate change motivates an immediate change from our current use of fossil fuels. Third, even if we don’t care about climate change, a drastic reduction in Britain’s fossil fuel consumption would seem a wise move if we care about security of supply: continued rapid use of the North Sea and gas reserves will otherwise soon force fossil-addicted Britain to depend on imports from untrustworthy foreigners. (I hope you can hear my tongue in my cheek.)
    How can we get off our fossil fuel addiction?

  3. Author
    ptsp 9 years ago

    Haha Henry. Le Mans is classic. Epic. Historic.
    You got to have balance.

    Bread and games…

    Bread and Games became the solution in Rome between 200 BC and 300 AD when it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep the people happy, happy meaning keeping them from starting the revolution against the system, against their repression and against their exploitation.

    And nothing changes really. The powerful still provide Bread and Games to keep the unpowerful subdued, confused and wanting stuff they cannot have. Or, when they finally get it, wanting the next thing. Why? Because Bread and Games is a near-perfect training program.
    From the cradle to the grave we are hyper-effectively programmed to be mass consumers, working very hard, confusing our identities along the way, pushing a financial divide that increasingly ends up being unequally bridged by a smaller and smaller group of people owning
    an ever-growing percentage of our wealth.
    The reason this percentage is growing is because of the training program, the Bread and Games program, which is becoming more and more effective. TV, entertainment media, Hollywood and consumer products keep us puzzled over who to be, what to want and who to adore in the most effective repression and exploitation method in the history of mankind. The Cherry on the Cake? Anti-depressants to take away the sharp edges of your slavery-induced despair.

  4. HH 9 years ago

    I wouldn’t say that two opposite extremes demonstrates balance.

    • Author
      ptsp 9 years ago

      Sure they do, if they are equal in weight. Equilibrium is reached by equal opposing forces, whether they are extremes or merely small deviations from center is irrelevant.

      What is interesting is if we debate whether the two are in fact EQUALLY weighted, and perhaps they in fact are not.
      On one side you have the burning of fossil fuels for pleasure in fantastically engineered machines, some of the worlds most advanced technology, driven by the best drivers in the world, to create a spectacular show and on the other you have us reaching the peak supply of 2 billion years accumulated energy reserves, which we have burned through in under 150 years, without which the planet can not maintain it’s current popluation, economic system or way of life.

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