KTM Stunt concept

KTM Stunt concept

My work colleague Manuel noticed the sun shining in on the Kiska designed KTM Stunt concept bike in the studio this morning and snapped a few pics of it gleaming.


  1. Rok Bagoros 8 years ago

    A dream bike for a stuntrider :D

  2. Nikita 8 years ago

    Gorgeous design by Kiska ……….. really imaginative and looks magic :-)

    Can anyone advise where to source a left thumb brake lever and master cylinder assembly like that ?

    • admin 8 years ago

      Sorry no idea myself. This one is custom made I think.

  3. Max 8 years ago

    Sad that this is only a concept…we want it! ^^

  4. dade 7 years ago

    Hi!! Could send me this photo in high resolution, please?? They are an amazing desktop wallpaper… ;-)

    Thank you!!!


  5. Ragil Wahyu S 4 years ago


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