KTM MX2 factory riders 1-2-3 in Lommel, Cairoli wins MX1

KTM MX2 factory riders 1-2-3 in Lommel, Cairoli wins MX1

The Red Bull Teka KTM Factory Racing Team had reason to celebrate on Sunday when all three MX2 factory riders finished on the podium in the GP of Limburg. Jeffrey Herlings underlined his domination on the sand. Ken Roczen was close on his tail pipe and Jeremy van Horebeek, who has been plagued by injury this season made a great return to the track in third place.


The result was a triumph for the factory team and again underlined that Roczen and Herlings are not only streets ahead of the rest of the field this season, but also that teammate van Horebeek, now fit again, is a top performer. The double moto win by the 16-year-old Herlings was proof that he is outstanding on the sand. He won at Valkenswaard, NL, at the beginning of the season and has now sealed the second pure sand surface race on the difficult Lommel circuit. While Jeffrey’s performance was not without mistakes and even small crashes, he was still able to dominate the track and attract admiration for his agility and skill in the deep soft sand.


Both motos were completely dominated by the three KTM riders. Jeffrey was the clear winner in the first moto crossing the line 25.8 seconds ahead of Roczen. But he did win the advantage when his teammate came down hard in the final lap while in the lead and got hit in the stomach with the handlebars. Then, just as the fans wondered if Jeffrey had saved anything for the second moto he wrapped that up 18.1 second ahead of his teammate. Jeremy van Horebeek was third across the line in both motos with a commanding gap of 18.87 seconds to the next rider in the first moto and 14.13 seconds to the fourth placed rider in the second.

Tony Cairoli of the Red Bull Teka KTM factory team sealed a double moto victory to win the MX1 GP of Limburg in the tricky sands of the Lommel circuit on Sunday and teammate Max Nagl made a great return to the podium finishing third, even if he is riding with a back injury.


Cairoli, like many of the leading riders, lives for at least part of the year near the traditional Belgian circuit and his fans were out in force to see him win both motos in classic Cairoli style. In both outings in the deep sand, the Italian world champion was fast out of the start but did not race without incident. Several small crashes aside and biting back the pain of a newly twisted knee, he then had the fans on their feet with excitement as he set out to hunt down the riders who passed him with the kind of determination that has already rewarded him with multiple titles.


Cairoli came from behind to win the first moto by 9 seconds ahead of Clement Desalle, his closest rival in the championship standings then in the second he crossed the line 3.5 seconds ahead of teammate Nagl. Max was fifth in the opening moto.


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