KTM Moto3 Race Bike

KTM Moto3 Race Bike

The design and renderings of this bike have been evolving on different screens and tables around the Kiska studio over the last few months, so it is nice to be able to finally show the bike now. You can click the image to make it bigger.

Moto3 replaces the existing 125GP class. It was the last of the two-stroke classes in MotoGP road racing.

KTM used to be a big player in the FIM’s 125cc GP Championship. But, the FIM has switched all of the two-stroke classes over to four-strokes for 2012. The 125 GP class will now become a 250cc four-stroke class—called Moto3.

VIA asphaltandrubber

Lots more info here too


  1. Marcus 7 years ago

    Like that big flyscreen a bit inspired by old full fairing bikes. A great base for a Bikenstein motard!! Remove the fairing and add mx bars!

    BTW, That presentation sneak peak wasn’t so good it slipped out I guess.

    Great bike anyway and hope to see more of it soon!

  2. Author
    admin 7 years ago

    haha, yea we already did it, but I guess we cant show it cos it shows the whole engine and everything else.

    Its funny how it works with the leaked stuff, Im told stuff is top secret and then find shortly after that its been sent out to some journalists. Most the time I need to play it safe and wait for others to publish it before I can, even though I have it months before : )

    Would love to take some photos of the bike too, but I guess I need to wait until EICMA. Lot of cool stuff will be at EICMA this year, and it also marks the date when i can post a lot of photos from some epic photoshoots that have been done recently. Middle to end of November I have so much cool stuff to post it’s ridiculous.

  3. Marcus 7 years ago

    Oh, yes! That bike will be in the flesh at EICMA? One more reason to go there! Will you be there too?

    • Author
      admin 7 years ago

      yea, might be, i think its not 100% confirmed yet though. I am going for sure, on the press day I think. Always a great show.

  4. Patrick 7 years ago

    who did that rendering and since when r u using CAD renderings at kiska?? should’ve shopped in some proper rubber though and played a little bit with the contrast/added some shadows and depth. looks very flat in some areas but other than that great looking little racebike!

  5. Patrick 7 years ago

    lol – did u do the renderings, hence the lack of response?
    then pls forget what I said – it’s a great looking bike. Period. :)

  6. Author
    admin 7 years ago

    haha, no I didnt do them. I dont think the renders were done to be made public, they were just done quickly for internal use to check out the CTG and then got surprisingly made public!

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