KTM GFX Powerparts kit 2013

KTM GFX Powerparts kit 2013

Some photos of the paper mockup we did at Kiska by PSP and some photos of the bike with the finished kit, shot by R.Schedl.


  1. Dunc 6 years ago

    Bloody love it! Just the colour scheme I’m thinking of restickering my bike (I’m a sucker for blue & orange).

    Love the asymmetric rear fender layout. Sweet.

    • Author
      admin 6 years ago

      Thanks man. It’s pretty busy and full on but some people dig that, so we always make one SX kit each year which is super loud.

      • Dunc 6 years ago

        Wouldn’t be KTM without a bit of loudness once in a while.

        Well inspired to rework mine now… this is gonna be expensive :)

        • Author
          ptsp 6 years ago

          yea man, especially for Motocross.

          I guess we really should make some kits for older bikes too. I heard that older kits just dont sell that well though as people are not as stoked on their bikes after a few years and would rather get a new one than spend money on their old one. Sounds like you are exception though!

          • Dunc 6 years ago

            Hobson’s choice – would like a new bike but can’t afford one (as well as all the other ‘toys’ I have/want) so better make the best of what I’ve got.

            And I’ve got a dog to feed :)

            Anyway the 690 beaky sm’s a classic :) … it’s all about the engine really :)

  2. Dan 6 years ago

    I would LOVE to see this on top of white plastic! Even on orange it looks “siick bro”.

    • Author
      admin 6 years ago


      • Rich 6 years ago

        Hey, would this kit fit my ’12 excf enduro bike? dont see why not…

        • Author
          admin 6 years ago

          Sorry it only fits the 2013 plastics. I suggested to KTM to make a version to fit 2012 too, but they wanted it for the new bikes.

  3. Tyler 3 years ago

    Hi guys does anyone know where I can purchase this sticker kit it’s crazy man please help

    • Author
      admin 3 years ago

      I designed it a couple of years ago, but maybe your local KTM dealer can still order it.

  4. Patrick Hazelton 3 years ago

    Can I get these parts for SX make 65. Would love custom Plastics for ma bike. I love the plastics used in the pictures above.

    • Author
      admin 3 years ago

      I dont think so sorry, i just made it for the 125cc and up plastics. Happy you like them though :)

  5. Justin Nel 3 years ago

    Will this fit a KTM 450 EXE ?
    How much is the kit and where can it be purchased ?

    • Justin Nel 3 years ago

      Sorry meant EXC

      • Author
        admin 3 years ago

        Hey, check with your local KTM dealer man!

  6. Larry Plotsky 2 years ago

    This 2013 GFX graphic kit is just one of the best EVER!!! Ahead of its time and should be put out again- I would buy it for sure!!!

    And then there is the 2016 “Style” or Euro STYLE graphic kit that is the best I have EVER seen!!! But it was only done to fit the 125+150 SX bikes and not
    adapted to anything else??

    Whats up with that- It is just so clean and really the way the new bikes are going with the white base plastics instead of the orange base always.

    KTM- figure it out how to sell to your loyal customers the adapted kits for your bikes that great graphic artists do for you!!!!

    • Author
      admin 2 years ago

      Thanks man, unfortunately I don’t design for KTM or Husky anymore so have no more influence.

  7. larry plotsky 2 years ago

    Hello again,
    Is it possible to hire you to do individual bike graphics?? Where to you work now and how do I reach you – I believe my info will come through with this email.

  8. Larr 5 months ago

    Still looking to get these graphics stickers for my 2016 KTM xcf-w 350(EXC enduro without lights etc)
    Can you make me a set and 2 more copies of it please. This is the best looking look I have seen!!!!

    • Author
      admin 5 months ago

      Haha, thanks, no I dont work anymore for KTM :)

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