KTM Freeride Electric test ride

KTM Freeride Electric test ride

The plan was to go ride motocross at the X-Bowl arena today, but my friend Christof mentioned that there was the chance to try out some of the Electric KTM freeride bikes for a couple of hours. It’s been 3 years since I rode the first prototype of this bike so I jumped at the chance. KTM is running a contest to become a test rider on their secret track for the KTM freeride, so if you live anywhere near Mattighofen and fancy it, go and signup here.

After a couple of laps to get used to the electric motor I started to feel really comfortable. The bike is so light. A cross between a 125SX and a DH bike. The electric power was much smoother, but also not quite as strong as I remember. It still kicks in pretty good and I guess you could hit a jump of 10m or so without too much trouble with a little run-up. The biggest at the track we rode on was probably around 6m which was a little small.

The suspension was way too soft. The brakes were not great either compared to my 150sx and I kept pressing my right foot to brake, but the back brake is on the bars. The whole package just felt ridiculously fun though. The ergonomics are superb. The bike is super thin but has a really great contact surface for your boots and knees. Within a couple of laps I found myself throwing it around and trying to stay low on every jump because it was just so easy to do it and although it is far from a toy the stakes are also not nearly as high as riding a full on motocross bike. I think I would skip the body armor next time and just wear a T-Shirt.

I went there with my friend Zacher who was loving the bike too. I think he even said he would sell his SXF250 and buy one of these as soon as it came out. Not because it is better, it isnt, but you can ride it almost everywhere because it’s almost completely silent. Since you can ride it everywhere you will ride a lot more often. More riding = more fun.

Zacher pinning it.

I can honestly say, this is one of the most fun bikes I have ever ridden, especially on the scaled down MX track we were on. It’s inevitable people will compare it with a regular motocross bike but it really doesn’t make much sense to do so, since you can ride this bike on a much smaller track, in populated areas. Something that you cant do with a motocross bike. It opens up a whole new world of riding possibilities rather than being a replacement for your current mx bike on your regular tracks.

huge thank you to Mike Schlabitz for sorting out the day and letting us come along. He was flying on the bike as well.

it’s safe to say I still got a long way to go to do a proper scrub but it really felt like it wouldn’t take long on this thing.

Not sure how long the batteries lasted but we were both fairly knackered by the end of it. If you were going to ride for a full day you would certainly need a spare battery and/or a charger.



The ideal track for the bike lies somewhere between a dirt jump/BMX and motocross track.

Photos by Christof, Zacher and myself. I really hope KTM bring this to production before too long. As far as I know, although I am not totally sure so please dont quote me on it, they are making a first batch of 100 or so which will be used for testing and improving on before they launch it properly on the market. When? Soon hopefully, I want one.


  1. patrick 6 years ago

    Put me on the list too!

    • Author
      admin 6 years ago

      Only if you come back man :)

  2. patrick 6 years ago

    Tempting. Very. :)

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