KTM Freeride E (Electric) photoshoot Barcelona

KTM Freeride E (Electric) photoshoot Barcelona

I rode a prototype of this bike about 3 years ago and was amazed how fun it was. Julien Dupont seems to have liked it a lot too based on what he managed to do with it in and around Barcelona.
Being able to blast around an urban area silently on a dirt bike opens up a lot of possibilities.

Photos by Kiska/Rudi Schedl.


  1. CH 7 years ago

    Rudi did well here again! So nice that at least some of these phots get used…!

  2. Author
    admin 7 years ago

    dude, its (one of) my missions in life to make sure that all the leftover excellent photos from Rudi’s photoshoots see the light of day.

    It costs money to put em in a catalog or the database so they dont use so many. doesn’t cost me anything except a bit of time to find, re-size, color grade and post them, but thats less time than it sounds. I love finding and looking at them too, they get me stoked to go ride.

  3. Chris 7 years ago

    Hey Piers, thank’s for putting them up. Really nice shots! Keep diving in the image archive

  4. CH 7 years ago

    More often then not the really good ones don’t make it, just because of layouting… But some of those really show the spirit and attetide we all love so much! I hope i camanage to somehow make in it onto some photoshoots… But in my new role, that might be hard to come by… We will see i guess…

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