The guys at Kiska did some kickass photoshoots for the new KTM freeride bikes. I will wait until the bikes are properly released to show more photos but for now here is a small teaser. I was lucky enough to ride the bikes a few times, both the electric version and the 350 freeride. They are fun bikes and open up a much bigger riding area because the electric bike makes basically no sound and the 350 is pretty quiet too so you can ride in areas which a normal bike would get you kicked out of straight away. The 350 was so much easier than the EXC’s at riding up and down steep gradients and over objects. It’s a solid mix of trial bike and enduro and is pretty fun to ride. While I didnt get to test it on a proper motocross track the electric freeride is suited more to tearing around at high speed and was a blast on the field and trails I rode it on. The photoshoots will show what can be done with both freeride bikes in the right hands so I am looking forward to showing them when I can.

the official PR release from KTM:

At the EICMA Motorcycle Fair next month KTM will present the Freeride 350, an Enduro that has only one simple message: Maximal offroad pleasure.

KTM, the world market leader for Enduro motorcycles unveils the Freeride 350. This is a motorcycle that has all the same genes as every KTM competition Enduro bike but is still quite different. The aim was to create a bike on offroad wheels that could master the same challenges as a KTM EXC, but with significantly less effort and energy. So the Freeride 350 is a playful and feather light Enduro to really enjoy and not an extreme competition machine.

At merely 99 kg, the Freeride 350, available in Spring 2012, is an invitation to all those who have until now had no contact with this fascinating sport. Never has it been easier to get into riding an Enduro.

This 24 hp strong, 350 cc high single cylinder with fuel injection always delivers enough but never too much power. Thanks to its homologation and a slim and noise reducing double pipe exhaust system this light fun machine can be used in normal traffic any time.

A new composite frame design has also been achieved to further enhance the advantages of the lightweight concept. High quality and proven WP suspension components ensure that the Freeride 350 meets the expectations of a genuine KTM even during a hard ride on tough terrain.


  1. r-o 7 years ago

    impressive weight stats!
    makes you think the 125 stroker could shave a few kgs too!

  2. patrick 7 years ago

    yeah… not too sure about that. the freeride 350 seems to be based on the electric freeride which seems to be a lot smaller bike than the SX and EXCs.

  3. motoguru 7 years ago

    such a cool bike! look forward to touching one.

  4. Warlock 7 years ago

    Yes, it seems smaller, and as I am not tall at all, I think this might be my next bike(Previous EXCF 250, EXC 200), but will wait for the test of course….

    • ptsp 7 years ago

      Feels even smaller and lighter than it is too. Very different bike to the exc. if u are just into messing around and having fun more than going full speed it’s great. For tricky technical riding it was much easier to ride than the exc’s, over logs, and up and down really steep slopes and stuff. overall I kind of preferred the 125exc I was riding the same day because I prefer going fast than doing really technical slow stuff, but that’s just me. I think the deciding factor would be what the local area I rode most often at was like.

  5. Jägermeister 7 years ago

    Wo auch immer diese Dinger fahren werden. In meinem Forst jedenfalls nicht. Da knall ich Euch vom Bock.

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