KTM EXC powerparts bike

KTM EXC powerparts bike

That’s a lot of orange.



  1. Dunc 7 years ago

    Mint! Serious orange overload, I’m proper pysched on it.

    That’s the clothes the white SMR posted earlier should be wearing.

    Think I’ll be flinging some money at ‘orangeing’ my garage this winter!

  2. Author
    admin 7 years ago

    haha, me too, want some nice anodized pieces. the husaberg bits all fit on the sx and exc as well though, so some blue anodized pieces could be good too.

  3. Dunc 7 years ago

    Sounds good – I wanna make my garage space as ‘works’ pro as possible (within a tiny budget), might even get some prints done to turn it into a proper ‘pit box’.

    Pity my rollercab isn’t orange tho.

    My bike crystal ball sees an older enduro (EXC 300 maybe) being squeezed in there sometime to compliment the SM.

    Enjoyin your MX riding exploits… oh yeah I have a question, do you manage to keep your heal on the peg when using the back brake? I use sidi crossfires and it’s seems impossible unless I moved the level ‘way’ low.

  4. Author
    admin 7 years ago

    thanks man, loving riding MX, feels like summer here again now too so there might even be a couple more rides before winter hits again. Yea, I have no trouble keeping my feet on the pegs and using back brake, in the air or the corner or wherever. Just keep the bike nicely squeezed with my legs. I have some early sample Alpinestars tech 10’s with a tech 8 inner bootie but they are completely falling apart. Think I will get some more tech 10’s next summer, or maybe even tech 8’s as they are a bit stiffer and i wore them for years in the past with no problems.

  5. Dunc 7 years ago

    Thanks for the info, think I might have a look at tech 10’s when my sidi’s are goosed, I like the stickering em up concept (as well as wearing benefits of course).

    Likin the MX lid you posted – is it gonna be spendy or decent price , being made by Marushin?

  6. Author
    admin 7 years ago

    Thanks man, its pretty cheap actually for how light and comfy it is. 190 quid or so, half the price of the Airoh helmet and its basically the same weight and has better protection.

  7. Dunc 7 years ago

    190…….. oh no, next summer’s product lust has just been instigated :)

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