KTM EXC 6 days Mexico

KTM EXC 6 days Mexico

We usually try and play it on the safe side with the graphics on the bikes, better to keep them simple to appeal to the most amount of people. On some projects however we go a little more all out, and since the KTM 6 Days bike is a niche project within a niche market, it is always themed according to the country hosting the race each year and always a bit more unique. This year was the turn of Mexico, and together with some safer designs, I also threw in this one which I thought they would never go for. As it turned out they did go for it, and although I initially wasn’t sure if it was the right choice, I finally saw one of the bikes yesterday outside the local KTM dealership and whilst it is not for everyone, it definitely stood out!

I passed the theory part of my motorcycle test yesterday, despite the f@#!ed up English, so once I pass the rest of the test I am pretty tempted to pick up an EXC for cruising around on. You imagine this thing around town?!! braaap! 250F would be better though. On 2nd thoughts, since the engine blew up on my car last week and I need a whole new engine, perhaps I wont be buying anything for a long time. Or maybe I could trade my car in for this. Wonder how it would be in the snow. Guess I would need a baby seat too. Hmm, shit.


  1. Paul Czapiga 5 years ago

    where can I get a set of these graphics? THey are awesome! Paul pooltech@cox.net.

    • admin 5 years ago

      they come with the exc 6 days from this year. You may be able to order some from your KTM dealer if you have the same year EXC model.

  2. aleksandrs 4 years ago

    Would you mind sharing graphics file? :)

    • admin 4 years ago

      haha, sorry man, no way I can do that, it’s owned by KTM, not mine to share.

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