Kitzsteinhorn Canon S95

Kitzsteinhorn Canon S95

Picked up a Canon S95 for guerrilla action shots since my Panasonic broke and the 550D is just a pain to carry when boarding. The little S95 is pretty dam good for a point and shoot and has full manual controls. Quite impressed with it so far. Some photos below.

Benny checking the line. I hit it first but because the light was so bad I put the flash on and due to the slight delay Benny missed the shot. Mild flash delay is an issue as usual with a point and shoot.

It was really gusty, and just before Benny dropped in the wind whipped up loads of snow, hence the light-speed photo.

The calm of this slope was in massive contrast to the hectic climb we had to do to get there. As usual though, the harder you work for something, the more you appreciate it.

Benny with his Tash.

I did this about 6 weeks before and it was sketchy but nothing like this time as it was super windy, the rocks were fully iced and snow was blowing from all sides.

Mid climb. We all had second thoughts about halfway, but it was harder to go back than forward.

not much to hold onto either..

Almost there

Finally over the top. Looks calm but it was mad windy.

We had the whole slope to ourselves. Not a single track.


One of the first mutes of the season for me. Was shite weather but was fun anyway as the snow was really good in places and it felt great to be riding again.


  1. Ma 8 years ago

    Being a responsible Dad? Not………

  2. Author
    ptsp 8 years ago

    Yea sure, I bought a helmet finally yesterday, and I wore a full back protector too!

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