JT: I was having a chat with a friend the other day about how it was somewhat of a shame that they didn’t reinvent the JT gear and make it more high tech and innovative when they re-launched it. It does look pretty good still. Classic. Classy. I do like it. Quite a lot. I would be happy to wear it. IMHO they just missed the chance to make it more inventive in the spirit of the original JT gear. Maybe they were just aiming for their original customers though, so were scared to alienate them by updating it too much.

TL: Troy Lee hit the classic nail on the head with their SE Pro Corse gear, but it also looks modern. In terms of cut, material and graphics it looks like a future classic. I doubt it is anymore expensive to make than the JT gear, in fact my guess would be that it is actually cheaper, but if I needed to buy gear (I dont, although I kind of want to buy it) I would buy the Troy Lee gear below. Their gear has evolved over the years getting better and better, whereas the JT gear feels a little like it emerged from the dead, pretty much where it died.

Not sure exactly what the point of this post is, except that this site serves as a notebook for me, and well, this is a note.


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