John Williams Sees The Onset Of Hyperinflation In As Little As 6 To 9 Months

John Williams Sees The Onset Of Hyperinflation In As Little As 6 To 9 Months

John Williams, arguably one of the best trackers of real, unmanipulated government data via his Shadow Stats blog, has just released a note to clients in which he warns that hyperinflation may hit as soon as 6 to 9 months from today. With so many established economists and pundits seeing nothing but deflation as far as the eye can see, and the Fed doing all in its power to halt the deleveraging cycle, both in the open and shadow economies, what is Williams’ argument? Read on. Incidentally, even if some fellow bloggers disagree with Mr. Williams’ assessment, we believe it is in our readers’ best interest to have them make up their own mind on this most critical economic development.


Systemic Turmoil is Unthinkable, Unacceptable but Unavoidable.  As business activity sinks anew, much expanded supportive measures will be needed to maintain short-term systemic stability.  Such official actions, however, in combination with global perceptions of limited U.S. fiscal flexibility, likely will trigger massive flight from the U.S. dollar and force the Federal Reserve into heavy monetization of otherwise unwanted U.S. Treasury debt.  When that land mine explodes — probably within the next six-to-nine months, the onset of a U.S. hyperinflation will be in place, with severe economic, social and political consequences that will follow.  The Hyperinflation Special Report is referenced for broad background.  The general outlook is not changed.

U.S. Economy. Already the longest and deepest economic contraction of the post-World War II era, the current downturn in the U.S. economy is re-intensifying, with no near-term stability or recovery on the forecast horizon.  After an initial plunge, broad-based business activity bottom-bounced at a low-level plateau for more than year.  Shy of short-lived bumps in activity from stimulus measures, there has been no recovery.  Reflecting an intense real (inflation-adjusted) annual contraction in broad systemic liquidity (SGS-Ongoing M3 estimate), the economy has started to contract anew.  In the popular media, where the hype of a recovery-at-hand readily was accepted, the renewed downturn already is being called a “double-dip,” but underlying reality is that of an extremely protracted, deep and ongoing contraction.

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