My good friend PJ Just got back from a trip to Iran and checked in:
“Some pics of Persepolis, Yazd and Shiraz, the ancient Persian capital.

Persepolis just about humbles anything I have seen in Italy or Greece. Built during the period of Kings Darius, Cyrus and Xerxes about 500 BC.

Amazing texts and scriptures by various Kings, showing how far ahead the Persians were in regards to early Democratic thinking as well as basic human rights.

Drove by Natanz too, where the underground nuclear site is located. 30k each way littered with manned anti aircraft positions. There was definitely an aura of readiness and imminent attack possibility.

Very tense in that region and friggin hot, from 44-48 every day.
Various pics of ancient villages, anti Israel and pro Hezbollah propaganda too…as always;)



  1. Henry 10 years ago

    Nice pics…

  2. admin 10 years ago

    It looks like things are about to get pretty crazy over there. A huge Armada of ships is heading to the golf to Blockade Iran, which is in itself an act of war:

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