There is nothing new in the video above to anyone who reads Zero Hedge or any other impartial news source, but if it takes a documentary to reach the masses who don’t read, it’s better late than never since this mess is still ongoing. There has been no recovery, only a cover up.

The Yen hit a 15-year high against the dollar yesterday. Since Japan’s economy is heavily reliant on exports, a stronger Japanese currency curbs the profits of large Japanese companies. Also yesterday, existing U.S. homes fell more than 27% in July, the largest one-month drop on record, California is To Issue IOUs For the Second Year In A Row, the second time in as many years (going all the way back to the Great Depression), U6 unemployment is around 17% and all of the western sovereign nations are bankrupt already with no way to pay for their future liabilities, let alone pay down their debt. All this before we have even started sliding down the back of Hubberts peak after the bumpy plateau we have been on since 2005.


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