Husqvarna @ EICMA

Husqvarna @ EICMA

The response to the Husqvarna Moar seems quite positive around the internet. There is no doubt it is an interesting concept, with some really nice details and in fact husqvarna had more interesting concept bikes than anybody at the show, but somehow I think it just looks a bit, well, odd. In a way that the original it was inspired by never did. Too many wonky lines I think. the original was just so clean and pure. Still nice to see though.


  1. motoguru 7 years ago

    i’m liking the gauge cluster on the moab! i definitely hear you on the wonky lines side of things too.

  2. Author
    admin 7 years ago

    yea, it’s pretty cool. I wonder if it works or if is just a show model.

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