Gee Atherton vs David Knight, Fort William, the result.

Gee Atherton vs David Knight, Fort William, the result.

David Knight, one of the best Enduro riders in the world riding his KTM 530EXC went head to head against Gee Atherton, Downhill mountain bike world champion on his Commencal on the Fort William Downhill mountain bike course. Since the news of the race there has been a complete media blackout on it which has helped to further build suspense. So when my subscription to Dirt magazine arrived today I tore open the packaging to see who won…. and then my 6 month old baby started screaming hysterically for his dinner. Shite! Anyway, eventually, with baby finally fed and in bed, I read the article and was somewhat amazed to see that on the two runs they did, Gee Atherton took the win both times. Buy this months copy of dirt for the full lo-down, but basically Knight made up a massive amount of time on his 2nd run and I reckon with a few more runs would have taken it. Nonetheless, as it stands, the winner of the battle of Moto VS DH on his Downhill MTB was Gee Atherton so much respect to him!


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