FrankenSXtein concept

FrankenSXtein concept

So basically, I love MX bikes, and I love classic bikes, so I thought why not try a hybrid Frankenstein Mad max version of the 2? I used a KTM EXC base, a (modified) custom Triumph seat and tank, dropped the suspension and then made various bits and pieces for it in photoshop.

My first (and possibly last!) bike design.


  1. sgeechee 8 years ago

    When i take a look at this, i think it really shouldn`t be your last bike design. Like it alot.
    Maybe i would take an 18 or 19 inch front wheel instead of the (probably?) 21.

  2. Chriss 8 years ago

    Super hot! I want one. Good job.

  3. Author
    ptsp 8 years ago

    Thanks Chris :)

  4. Author
    ptsp 8 years ago

    @sgeechee cheers, maybe I will make another one. I left the standard EXC wheels as the bike would handle the best. COuld be cool with some smaller Supermoto wheels too. perhaps on a 2 stroke EXC : )

  5. MKSIM 8 years ago

    ahahha, bike looks really really good man

  6. Ben 8 years ago

    good job man. I really like the simplicity of the design and the colour scheme. Keep it up it shouldn’t be your last!

  7. Greg 8 years ago

    Kids in Japan do that quite often seen it in magazines and on the road, get new-ish enduro/mx bike, and replace plastic with metal bits.
    You get looks of old school with reliability of new machines.
    This is exactly kind of bike I would love to have.

    Good stuff!

    • Author
      ptsp 8 years ago

      Ah yea? old school with the reliability of a new machine and mx riding position was basically what I was after with this too. Be cool to see some of those bikes, will have to do some searching. CHeers.

  8. paul keister 7 years ago

    hey there,

    I totally dig your re-imagining of this KTM. It’s got something a lot of the mashup motos don’t.

    I have a dumb question, given this is a spec photoshop file. Is this tank feasible on this frame? Hell, is everything you’ve created here based on real proportions, sizes and plain old reality?

    If so, it’s pretty sweet and deserves to be built.
    thanks for the inspiration.

  9. admin 7 years ago

    Thanks Paul, yea, i think it’s doable, the tank would have to have a big groove in the middle though and wouldnt hold so much fuel but i sat it on the top of the frame so it should work.

  10. Luca Rampi 5 years ago

    con una sella un po' più accogliente ed un bel paio di parafanghi svelti svelti sarebbe una splendida scrambler :D

  11. Sutee Morusthian 5 years ago


  12. Sutee Morusthian 5 years ago


  13. Paul Gorman 5 years ago

    Looks like something Steve McQueen would ride.

  14. Christian Christian 4 years ago

    Shut up and thake my money!

  15. jplus 2 years ago

    Wow this looks incredible! Love what you did with the exhaust, great job!!!

  16. victor 2 years ago

    hola soy de argentina yo esto con el pryecto de una xt 350 mod 91 hermosa la ktm

  17. Wally 2 years ago

    Beautiful! What model of the tank were you using?

    • admin 2 years ago

      Thanks, i think I started with an old CB tank but I modified it heavily.

  18. Dane Williams 1 year ago

    For a first attempt you’ve really set a high benchmark for yourself. This bike is both beautiful and tastefully done. Maybe you should ask KTM to give you a couple million bucks so they could build a bulletproof version of this under a special badge. Since all the bits and pieces are already tested and relatively easy to produce, it might be very profitable.

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