Fix fix

Fix fix

When it comes to bikes, for me it’s all about performance, tricked out DH bikes, dirt jumpers or solid BMX’s. I like going flat out, going everywhere and doing jumps and no dis-respect to guys who ride em as they must be pretty fun anyway, but you just cant do that properly on fixed gear bikes.

Whilst I can and do appreciate the simplicity and design of them when they are done well, fixed gear bikes just never cut it for me. Too much style over substance. If I wanted a minimal bike I would go the BMX route so at least i could do decent size  drops, jumps and bunny hops without breaking the wheels or frame. Jumping and tricks on fixed gears bikes just looks dumb to me. Sorry. They just aint made for that. The bikes do however often LOOk good, and that brings me to this site. Basically lots of tricked out fixed gear bikes and fairly untricked out chicas, but its pretty cool anyway. Just for looking.

Now this is some minimal shit I can dig. Mad skills:

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  1. kenson 8 years ago

    You got a point there. Tricks on fixie bikes are laaame. These dudes should get bmx’es. The point is to blast trough traffic on them.

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