Finally got my license

Finally got my license

Yes, yes yes, finally got my driving license to ride bikes on the road. SOooo stoked. Went straight to the local KTM dealership and rented the KTM SMR990 for a week! What a bike!


  1. Ma 8 years ago

    Now I will be worried sick….

  2. Ma 8 years ago

    This is the worst news ever

  3. L... 8 years ago

    ha, I just bought a car for the first time in 8 months…

  4. H-Star 8 years ago

    How took the Photos?

    And as your man in the Functional wear industry… I have to say that you could be wearing a little bit more protective gear! Dude if you need gear… you know all the right people! Also I would love to see you come with us on a TNT ride! Next one is on July 30th in Slovakia!!! Check it out!

    Ride Safe!

  5. Author
    ptsp 8 years ago

    Yea man, you are right, for sure I need some gear. At least some tech 8’s, and maybe back protector and pants, and better gloves. Got any samples lying around?
    benny took the pics. Man I love that bike! Whats the TNT ride?

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