Fake Blood – “USED” Vol.1

Fake Blood – “USED” Vol.1

Best mix I have heard so far this summer by miles. Been playing it a lot, headz will have fun picking out all the samples. Slightly addictive. So many great tunes, so chill and so well mixed together. Judging by the comments along the timeline a lot of people feel the same way.

I’ve done 4 x 1 hour mixes (and a 5th is in the pipeline), solely made up of old tunes sampled in classic Hip Hop tracks – but cut up on two copies / decks to re-create the loops / chops people used.
I didn’t use any compilations, reissues, bootlegs, or downloads. All originals. I’ve always been a digging fiend on the side!
But – to save the original pressings (and also cos it’s hard enough to get one copy of some of these, let alone two!) – I loaded them into Serato vinyl, so I could scratch away to my heart’s content, with ruining anything!

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  1. koskesh 7 years ago

    the shiznitz…PSP bringin it again…thx, KK.

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