EICMA Helmets

EICMA Helmets

Trick new Airoh helmet. I have the version before this, and the problem with it is, when I wear a Leatt brace with it, whilst fine for MX most of the time, because of the curve at the back, the helmet gets pushed forward when riding DH MTB which sucks. The new helmet seems to have addressed that problem and now works with the neck brace.

Also designed to work with a neck brace

Kiska PSP designed powerparts helmet. Shame about the helmet shape really but nowt I could do about that.

This is the same shape of helmet I have which doesn’t work so well with a neck brace,

Wacky financial crisis helmet!


  1. luke mortlock 7 years ago

    can you buy the suomy one?

    • admin 7 years ago

      not sure man, i would guess so though.

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