Looks even better in white.


  1. masta p 9 years ago

    nothing like White/Black/Carbon…wonder if those rims fit the beema

  2. Henry 9 years ago

    That looks a lot better than orange…when are you driving down here in one?!

  3. billy d 9 years ago

    sick…now that’s something i can see you in P…leather helmet and some gogles and you’re good to go. only problem is you can only carry one of ur ladies at a time….

  4. yann 9 years ago

    I think this thing would rock in hillclimbing… big turbos and go goggogooogoo
    wouldn’t mind a try… tell your boss he can swap with gt3 for a little run.
    btw I like the new 990 hypermoto or whatever it’s called, nice and probably do the bizo, never liked the supermoto990, looked too fat, though a good bike! easier to handle than superduke.

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