T-shirt Re-up / Die cut stickers

T-shirt Re-up / Die cut stickers

Sorry to all of the people who have been emailing recently about many of the -273 styles and sizes being sold out. We will be busting out some new designs soon, some new -273 Corp Logo Tees and are working on a few other things too.

F%!k the recession.

I have seen a few people take off the backs of the stickers, stick them to something and leave the front on. They are Die cut, so once they are stuck to something, you can also peel off the front leaving you with the crisp -273 outline rather than a rectangle.


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  1. Mksim 8 years ago

    F*** the -273 Magnetosphere T Black is already SOLD OUT in Small !!!
    Mail me when they re will be back Piers ;-)

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