It’s funny looking back at myself as a young kid, soaking up all the videos and magazines on Motox I could find (which back then was not much!) and thinking how the bikes and graphics were the most briliant thing I had ever seen.
Today I got some photos from Yann who designed the gear Nagl is wearing in this photo below, MP who posts on derestricted sometimes, designed the KTM SX Bike he is riding and I designed the gfx for the production models (which are a bit different from below). People seem to either love or hate the gfx, but either way, they are different from every other bike which was kind of the goal. Am I stoked? Yes in some ways, but the 2010 gfx are much better.

The other photo is of Villopoto, who was so impressive to watch during the MXDN laying down a sick whip.


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