-273 Tshirts. For real. Preview.

-273 Tshirts. For real. Preview.


  1. MKSIM 9 years ago

    one for me !

  2. Author
    ptsp 9 years ago


  3. katerine 9 years ago

    i want one for christmas!! hehehe

  4. Henrique 9 years ago

    for real!?

    want one! how?

  5. admin 9 years ago

    Hi, well, we still need to do a style photoshoot, shoot all the products, finish the online shop(nearly done), finish the rest of the -273 site and a few other logistic and legal things and then we should be in business! Hopefully end of January sometime.

    Some of the t’s look simple but we went through so many different samples of fit, cotton weight, type of print, positioning (each t has between 3 and 4 prints in various spots)and color variations and it really takes a long time to get it right. We didnt want to release something we were not proud of, and I hope when you try one of the t’s this will be evident.

  6. UK 9 years ago

    Waiting patiently!

  7. Jeff 9 years ago

    hook a brotha up. XL black on black.


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