-273 Magnetosphere T-Shirts

-273 Magnetosphere T-Shirts






The New Magnetosphere -273 Tshirts are now available, but we only have the stock  you see above for sale online.
So if you want one……


  1. clara 8 years ago


  2. MKSIM 8 years ago

    one of my favorite !

  3. admin 8 years ago

    Cheers, if you want to know what a magnetosphere is you can see here:

  4. patrick 8 years ago

    cheers man! received it this week and would like
    to wear it every single day.
    love it!

    • Author
      ptsp 8 years ago

      Ha, cool man happy you like it. yea, if we had some more than the amount we do, i would take another one for myself so I can rotate when one is dirty!

  5. Toby 8 years ago

    Got mine and love it an have just ordered another style too!!!
    Have you got any plans to do girls tees? Would be easier to buy for me if I was getting a gift for the missus at the same time

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