LC Fabrications TT Deluxe Triumph Custom

LC Fabrications TT Deluxe Triumph Custom

Curious how much this goes for on ebay. Well nice bike, but as of writing, no bids.


  1. Author
    ptsp 7 years ago

    The TT Deluxe was based around a 2006 Triumph Bonneville engine, and nearly every piece was hand made from scratch. It was intended to give me a platform to really stretch my abilities in every aspect of bike building, from fab to machine, engineering and design, all the way to paint,leather,and wiring…..without having to work around the usual constraints associated with a motorcycle. It is a useable motorcycle, although not a great daily rider…but then again its not the usual fancy paint a shiny engine bobber either! As always every piece was done by myself(with the occasional help of my wife) and has been the art side of what I do for several years now. The TT was an exercise in craftsmanship and has well served its purpose… to show people what it is Im trying …….to blend ethics and tradition of the past with modern ideas, equipment and materials.

    This bike has been featured in:

    The Horse Backstreet Choppers Magazine
    Greasy kulture Magazine
    Iron Horse Magazine
    Renegade biker Magazine
    Backstreet Heroes (london)
    and Xtreme Bikes (spain)

    as well as counless blogs and online e-zines such as Knucklebuster,Bike Exif,biker metric,Visual Gratification, and the mighty Cyril Huze Blog

    The TT has made its mark at many prestigous shows as well

    2008 Smokeout East winner
    2009 Easyriders Nationals Editors Choice winner (columbus)
    2009 Easyriders VQ Award winner
    2009 AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building 6th place freestyle
    2009 Ace Cafe/AMD Partner’s pick award winner
    2010 Timonium Md Best in show winner
    2010 Artistry In Iron Master Builders Competition Competitor

    The bike has also earned a good reputation with Triumph North America and was on Display at the 2010 Triumph dealer’s annual conference as well as their display and spring Daytona 2010.

    “it is truly a piece of art, and a fine example of quality workmanship” Monika Boutwell (director of Marketing Triumph North America)
    “this bike KILLS it on every level” Grail Knucklebuster inc.
    “truly spellbinding” Visual Gartification
    “a true original” Bike Exif
    ” I like this bike very much and I know why” Cyril Huze

    More Photos/info of the bike can be found at


    Frame: one off lugged design with removable cradle
    Frontend: one off druid style girder
    wheels: 19″ laced front and rear
    Tires: firestone military bias
    Brakes: mini conical drum front, one off jackshaft mounted drum rear
    engine: 2006 Triumph Bonneville black 865CC parallel twin
    Carbs: Keihin CR roundslides
    seat: one off hand sewn leather
    wiring: LC fab “chopper style” minimal wiring
    bars pipes pegs etc etc are all one off custom pieces

    As of now the bike comes with a salvage certificate for the engine, no VIN has been applied for, since the bike has never been used on the highway (legally)

    buyer is responsible for pickup, although i do not mind assisting with crating/delivery to a local shipping depot.

  2. LLEDO 7 years ago

    HI , I love this bike … can you please inform me about the sale of it .Thanks Alain

    • admin 7 years ago

      Sorry, I don’t know really. It did get some bids at the end on ebay and went for a reasonable price I think.

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