CD, Senior designer at Kiska just received his new 2012 Lapierre Spicy. Some superb attention to detail on the bike already, but being a designer he couldn’t leave it stock and already upgraded it with a few extras and custom made parts. Load of photos for you below.


  1. Zjdsn 4 years ago

    Lapierre = hmmmmm AWESOME!!!
    …but please tell him to loose the tie-wraps

    • Author
      admin 4 years ago

      yea, he did already. Can see in the top pic. Just took some of the photos before it was finished being set up.

  2. johnnytickler 4 years ago

    were did he get the handle bar grips and the orange things in the wheel spokes

    • Author
      admin 4 years ago

      the grips are renthal you can get em anywhere, the orange nipples are part of a custom wheel build he did.

  3. Johnnytickler 4 years ago

    Cheers.You dont no were a can get one of them front bash gurds do you.

    • Author
      admin 3 years ago

      Sorry, was just a one off!

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