KTM freeride electric bikes

KTM freeride electric bikes

Photos from 1000ps.de.

The kiska designed KTM Freeride electric bikes will be shown for the first time this weekend in Tokyo, but they are all over the web already so I thought I would post too. I really love this bike, I got to test the SX prototype which was absolutely amazing and worked on the graphics and video too so am really looking forward to the launch. I have some proper photos of the bike but will wait for after the show.

The Austrian motorcycle (and race-car) manufacturer has yet to reveal specific powertrain details for the two electric bikes – one a supermoto and the other an enduro model.

KTM describes the two bikes as “near-series prototypes which in one year’s time will transfer the “Ready to Race” sporting spirit of the brand into a series model fit for the 21st century.”


  1. Sean 8 years ago

    Looks awesome, exciting to see some electric offerings coming from major mfg’s like KTM.

    I really enjoy your site, excellent blend of ideas and images etc.

    Also, I visited the kiska site; there is a typo – at the KTM 125 concept, one of the plus buttons is “Individuality”- on the site this is spelled incorrectly (as “individualitiy”)

    • Author
      ptsp 8 years ago

      Thanks man

  2. brisc 8 years ago

    Awesome bikes mate. I fell in love with the fork design on the motard. Designed by Kiska, engineered by KTM -> I wonder who usually comes up with ideas like the fork here, is it KTM or is it Kiska? The only thing which strikes the line is all the “free space” between the swing arm bolt and the lower link between the two foot rests! Cheers

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