Kind of interesting even if it does look rather dated and dysfunctional next to the actual freeride. Thanks Christof.


  1. CH 4 years ago

    Yeah, it does… but I am sure there are quite a few vintage fans out there that would love to have a bike like that… Just look at all the people turning old RD 350’s into something.. now imagen all that talent going on a mashine which does actually have some great technology ;-)

    • ptsp 4 years ago

      Posing vs performance. Don’t need great technology for riding to the pub. And don’t need a heavy metal tank etc on a high tech freeride bike. I normally like his work but he totally missed the point on this one I reckon. Mega design downgrade. Makes the bike retro yes, but also completely useless when it comes to doing what it was designed to do.

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