KTM 2013 and other bikes @ KTM Hauthaler

KTM 2013 and other bikes @ KTM Hauthaler

Dropped my bike off at Hauthaler, the local KTM shop at lunch today to get a few things done on it. They have quite a lot of the new 2013 KTM’s in already so I grabbed my camera and took a few photos.

Bike should be transformed next time I see it :)

Haupthaler have late night shopping and up to 50% off stuff tonight so if you are in the area drop in.


  1. zacher 5 years ago

    …sweet photos man ! but its spelled Hauthaler without the “p”

  2. claygrim 5 years ago

    The 500EXC 6 Days edition is amazing! I would just park it in my living room and take pictures of it all day. Did you work on any of the design of it?

  3. LH #150 5 years ago

    Haven’t you ridden that bike for quite a few months now? How do you manage to keep it looking that clean, my ’12 bike was missing half the graphics on the shrouds and the paint on the clutch cover after 8 hours on it

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      yea it does look good eh. I cleaned it up before this but the main reason is I wear Troy lee Mountain bike knee pads which are really soft. My friends bikes are all messed up too with the same hours as me who wear hard knee pads or braces. Clutch cover is worn a bit. Actually after one ride with the new plastics the airbox looks more knackered than after 30 hours on this!

  4. Cam Mead 5 years ago

    went to check out the new 2013 ktm’s in the weekend, very cool just not feeling the new front guard design..

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      The new front fender is brilliant for the simple reason that it is form follows function to the extreme. It is super rigid now and doesnt move around at all. So much better that any other front mudguard on the market because it is so much stiffer. When you ride it doesnt flap around at all, unlike the old one or other bikes and this contributes to the bike feeling more stable. The look grows on you too ;)

      • Cam Mead 5 years ago

        yea i can see they have strengthened it with that design im sure will be a benefit when riding, ive not experienced the bike at all but im sure it is the right step forward it will grow on me just was quite hard to get the full overall visual on it tightly packed in at the dealer. but yea i really like the 12’s!! . just looking forward to having a ride on one. new they are 11,799 NZD here so quite a bit more than my el cheapo 4 grand CR which im still learning on & crashing, dont wana do that to a brand new one:p the cr was only meant to be a bit extra riding on the side of my road bike.. time will tell but its more addictive than originally expected!

        • Author
          admin 5 years ago

          Yea it is addictive eh. haha. I traded my old Duke 690 for the 150sx. and even though I have another one from KTM for a while, i just go ride MX every spare chance i get anyway. CR125 is a nice bike for sure, but they didnt do any development on it for years. The SX front fender looks much better when it has a black sticker on it too like mine and this one:

          To help avoid crashing, grip the bike always tightly with your knees, keep your head over the bars, elbows up and stand up as much as possible as you can then pivot and control the bike using your feet on the pegs, gives you lots of control.

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