KTM 125 Duke Powerparts bike

KTM 125 Duke Powerparts bike

My friend Christof from KTM stopped over with his lady this afternoon on a Duke 125 tricked out with a lot of powerparts.

Christof, I pressed the shutter too early, sorry dude.

My little man liked the bike.

I gave it a quick spin too. Not nearly long enough to write a review on it but you could tell straight away it was a good bike. It had great brakes and it was really easy to handle because it’s so small. For example it was easy to get some speed, step on the back brake and do a 180 and head back the other way without putting a foot down (always a good bike test I reckon as you get an idea of the weight, geometry, brakes, clutch and throttle response). An excellent beginner bike for sure. Of course it is underpowered after riding a 690 but I guess you could still have a lot of fun on this bike. A slightly bigger engine and it would be REALLY fun.

On a side note, I did ZERO post production on these photos. The Canon 550D with a decent prime lens and the right settings for the occasion (sometimes a bit fiddly to find) is a seriously good camera. Quite refreshing and time saving to have photos exactly as you would like them straight from the memory card.


  1. Ch 6 years ago

    Hey, the pics turnout real nice, the hight of the back wheel, was ok to the speed and fun where having ;) but you will have to take one on an extended tour one day, they really are great fun to ride! The fuel economy is great. Emily and i averaged 2,3L today! We even hit 110km/h 2 up!

  2. Author
    admin 6 years ago

    thanks man. Yea it’s a fun little bike for sure. WIth a bigger rear sprocket it would be a really great little play bike. Lots of fun without too much speed and the drama which can come with it. I like all the powerparts but I think I would take off the handguards because they are kind of useless and just add weight. Mind you, if you are in heavy city traffic they might save your fingers from being squished by the levers if/when you hit a car.

  3. Mike 6 years ago

    I wish we were getting those over here. Would be a perfect NYC bike.

  4. Author
    admin 6 years ago

    @Mike I guess u will get the version with a slightly bigger engine, when it comes out. Even better : )

  5. Jul 6 years ago

    very nice post, check mine if you want

    > I prefer it minimalistic.

  6. Author
    admin 6 years ago

    @Jul, that looks great, If I had one I would keep it more minimal too in terms of GFX. SOme well ncie powerparts available though, like the brakes and sproket and footpegs and stuff. The different mask makes it look wicked too.

  7. HH 6 years ago

    You should tell Rossi your bike test tips…I’m sure it’ll help him to improve his duke!

  8. Author
    admin 6 years ago

    haha, that’s a whooole other level of riding.

  9. ;; 6 years ago

    @admin ” I would take off the handguards because they are kind of useless and just add weight” are you dumb ? there strengthened al so if you fall of they protect your clutch or brakes from getting damaged and thewy weigh less then a shoe.

  10. Author
    admin 6 years ago

    @;; Joe october, fair enough. Just my preference to not have em, I wouldn’t run them on my MX bike either, unless I was racing on a really rocky track. They don’t help much in a crash, other than maybe crushing your fingers between them and the ground/your bars, although yes they will protect your levers.
    I know a lot of people do like them though, as you seem to. no need for the insult.

  11. scholey 5 years ago

    hi exactly how can i deristrict one of these for a friend???

  12. Lluc 5 years ago

    This is the KTM DUKE 125 new model ?

    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      na, just a a sticker kit, fits the 125, 200 and 390 Dukes.

  13. Lluc 5 years ago


    • Author
      admin 5 years ago

      Your local KTM dealer.

  14. Andreas 5 years ago

    I’m looking for those raceline graphics, and i can’t seem to find them anywhere due to it being out of production. Anyone know how or where i can find it? I’m from Norway, and would preferably not travel to the other side of earth to get them. Hopefully som websites i can order from?

  15. Filippo Nurchi 3 years ago

    what is the completly name of the motorbike?

  16. Teodor Arnøy Årthun 3 years ago

    hey were you can buy the stickers and the style parts?

  17. Sen 2 years ago

    Hi, can you tell me what exactly this graphics kit was called? Trying to find it, no go so far. Any help would be grand. :)

    • Author
      admin 2 years ago

      It was called the racekit I think, but it’s an old one and was replaced a few years ago. Actually i think there have even been 2 new versions since this one.

      • Sen 2 years ago

        Aww shucks.

        I loved this one. It was called the “Raceline” graphics kit or something. Can’t find it anymore here. </3

  18. Leanne 2 years ago

    Hi What are the powerparts you are talking about please

  19. N4ilus 2 years ago

    Ehm.. Even if it’s 4 years ago.. Where can I get these stickers??

  20. john 1 year ago

    hey man.. itz a great bike…. bt just little bit worried… because I am 6 feet 2inches…. is it will be comfortable..??

    would u mind mentioning your height… plxxx…. I just wan to make a decision… plzz plzz plzz…

  21. Daniel Ney 1 year ago

    Could I get a link for all of his kit parts?

    • Author
      admin 1 year ago

      Was basically everything for the Duke from the powerparts catalog that year!

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